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The only scientifically validated Intuitive skill

  Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) was developed in the laboratory of the Stanford Research Institute for the U.S. Military during the Cold War era with the USSR. CRV was used as a tool of espionage for 23 years. 

   Since its declassification, CRV has been effectively employed in the private sector over the past 35+ years. Today, CRV is used by major corporations, law enforcement agencies, archaeologists, physicians and many other professionals who seek information not available through other means.

   At Intuitive Consultants, we are  trained in this military technique of obtaining data from any time period or any place

CRV lecture family pets.jpg
Maverick, Alpine CA CRV rescue 1 2019 I.

  • Help you find lost items, pets or persons by describing the location where they may be found.

  • Real Estate – Agents can benefit from CRV by describing the home or property their client is MOST likely to purchase, thus saving time and money.

  • Home buyers – CRV can describe specific details about the home that you would be most happy owning.

  • Scientific Research – Not sure how to proceed with an experiment? We have assisted scientists in designing experiments and protocols for maximum success.

  • Marketing Strategies – What product will be the next BIG thing to make a profit, and what might it look like?

  • Explore past events – either personal or historical

  • Explore Future events – While the future is not set in stone , CRV has helped clients make important decisions about their future.

  • Litigation – Controlled Remote Viewing has been successful in guiding clients through challenging court of law decisions..

  • The perception of words and numbers is not CRV’s strongest point. Therefore CRV will probably not provide lottery numbers, street addresses, individual names, GPS coordinates etc.

What can CRV do for you?
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