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Controlled Remote Viewing

  Simply call and explain in detail what issue or situation you'd like Intuitive Consultants to Remote View.

  If approved that your project is suitable to the Remote Viewing protocols you will be advised you on payment fees. Once the payment fee is secured John will be directed to begin your target project. We try to begin a CRV project as quickly as possible, though sometimes delays can and do occur.

 Once the initial CRV session has been performed you will be sent via e-mail a written report of intuitive perceptions based upon the military style of investigation.

  There is no need to arrange an appointment

Cost for a CRV session is $150 per question.

Missing/lost pets $110

A PayPal Invoice will be e-mailed to you to begin your CRV project.

Past Life Regression through Hypnosis

By appointment over ZOOM. Session usually requires 60 minutes.

Cost- $125 prepaid before appointment

Intuitive Reading

  All Readings are performed over the phone or over ZOOM.


A 30 minute reading is $70

A 45 minute reading is $95

A 60 minute reading is $130

All Intuitive Readings are performed by appointment.

All readings are pre-paid by credit card upon scheduling

There is no refund for missed appointments

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