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You will leave an Intuitive Reading feeling Empowered, Inspired, and have a greater Clarity of Mind.

After a reading many clients are able to make sense of their past and to more clearly understand personal issues.

Present challenges take on a new light as  fresh insights are uncovered, enabling them to face the future with boldness and security.

A reading may include information from spirit guides and departed loved ones, as well as insights into finance, career, health, family relationships, romance, and future decisions.

Readings may also involve the use of cards.

As an intuitive reader, it is understood that the future is not set in stone, and it is hoped that you use the information you receive to create your own best circumstances.

Readings are typically done for individuals with sessions lasting 30 to 60 minutes.

“Sometimes in life, you reach a crossroads, and you don’t know where to turn or which way to go. Intuitive Consultants  can help you find your way. I was  helped .”

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Spoon bending parties

 Want a unique and fun event for your next birthday or special celebration event? A Spoon Bending  party is just the thing. John will conduct a fun filled one hour at your location as guests try their hands and minds at bending spoons!  Call for current rates.

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    Remember your past life through Hypnosis

Explore the fascinating possibility of a past life. Under hypnosis memories of a past life may be vivid and new information may be revealed. What events occurred during your former self to help create your present life experience?

Connect with a departed loved one

Connect with departed loved ones by relaxing into a deep state of hypnotic  awareness. A very personal experience of love.

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