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 Remote Viewing Testimonials

  Recently our family’s cat, Mermaid disappeared. After frantically searching our home I realized she was truly LOST. I was even more frightened when my neighbors told me they had seen two foxes on my property just last evening. I had heard that remote viewing could help find lost pets, so I contacted Intuitive Consultants.

  When I received John’s e-mail report (Controlled Remote Viewing Summary) it offered me assurance that Mermaid was alive, and perceived her as “hiding in a place of comfort and refuge”. This hiding place was described as under a “deck-like platform” and “near or next to our home”. The report also indicated that this place could be identified by “a large pipe, which is also under the deck”.

  My husband and I searched under our backyard deck, but she wasn’t there. So we asked our neighbor if we could look under their deck and to our great relief, she was there! Our neighbors had been doing some home remodeling and Mermaid was found hiding next to several plumbers pipes.

  John’s report led us to right location and saved us precious time we would have wasted from searching the entire neighborhood..

Thank you John, and Thank you Intuitive Consultants.

T.T. Maryland

“  I was going through difficult moments in professional and personal life, everything seemed to be so 

confusing I couldn’t understand why certain things were happening. I felt my world was coming apart in every single direction and I was so glad to have found about CRV trough a book, completely by accident. I started to research for it and finally was referred to John 

CRV sessions has helped shed the light into many situations, it has guided me towards more wise decisions for my future and that is priceless! II have done many CRV sessions so far and they are all very accurate it’s scary how accurate they are! The details and information contained in each goes beyond our perception of time and I have to say my life has changed after working with John . He is a pleasure and is very knowledgeable, straight to the point and truly care to help you. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to reach out to them!

Thank you for the outstanding service and details. “


C. Florida  

  John Stewart worked on a research project which involved remote viewing a microscopic target for the Institute for the Scientific Study of Consciousness. ISSC collaborated with a nationally known University to see if remote viewers could contribute new information about a PhD candidate’s research project, which could not be obtained through any other means. The target involved the intracellular biochemical processes of a strain of bacteria.

  The researcher stated that the ISSC study in general, and John Stewart in particular gave her numerous new ideas about how to approach her research. Furthermore, the entire team made specific and detailed predictions of the outcome of her research which will be verified (or not) within 2-3 years.

John Stewart’s contribution was described by the research team as “a home run”!    Although John has no training in the specific aspects of biochemistry involved in the research design, his remote viewing, and subsequent retasking was highly detailed and specific, describing electron spin and the behavior of the molecular structure of the specific molecules involved in the project.

  John Stewart is clearly a highly capable remote viewer, with the intellectual rigor and ability to access information from the non-local “all information” domain that is highly detailed and useful, even for a microscopic target in a field of research outside of his ordinary knowledge and expertise.

  Controlled remote viewing has been described as the controlled ability to access information not obtainable through any other means. John Stewart demonstrated this in his contribution to the ISSC – University collaboration on researching remote viewing and intracellular environments.

Dr. Melvin L. Morse, MD
Academia Without Walls
Institute for the Scientific Study of Consciousness
Winner: 2011 Warcollier International Consciousness Research Award

You were instrumental in bringing Remy back home to us!

Your hand drawn CRV sketch was dead-on for that surrounding area where Remy was eventually to be found. We even found the stream that you drew and we never knew it was there!!


Reward posters for the lost Remy were posted throughout East Earl, PA.
After I read your original email, I just had a sense of peace knowing he was alright and that he would be home soon. All the chips fell into place that Saturday morning. . .

The family met for breakfast at 7:15 that morning at Blue Ball Town Hall. As we are sitting at the red light, I see the “no turn on red sign with the red circle” and East/West signs as described in your email. My husband then decided to pull back off where we found the stream about 100 feet from those signs [and where a PUB sits – also as described in your email].

My parents decided to take the next gravel driveway back up to the hillside/structure as described in the sketch. My Mom started walking around the neighbors’ shed. We had walked that SAME area so many times before but decided to do it one last time.

My Mom said she HAD just finished saying a prayer when she heard a whimper. She stopped. Listened. Called again and he gave a little bark. My Mom woke the neighbors up and told them to open up the shed because he was padlocked in.

The guy was astounded. Said he hasn’t heard anything and hadn’t been in there since Wednesday afternoon. They opened the door and there was Remy!!

We can never thank you enough for your kindness and the time you put into the CRV session which rescued our Remy!!

Shannon M.
East Earl, PA

I can’t thank you enough for locating my lost flash drive. Aside from the obvious, containing lots of personal documents, etc., two of my upcoming manuscripts are on the drive. One of which is in progress – and (stupidly, my bad) not backed up to my laptop since last February. What a nightmare!

Writers, remember – A flash drive with your manuscript may become the plaything of a “non-human biological” like this fellow!
I distinctly remember putting it aside – and thinking to myself, oh boy; you better put that in a better spot, you’ll never remember. . . and then I went to sleep and, well, I didn’t remember.

After literally tearing the house apart and looking in every normal place (including taking the kitchen garbage apart with my husband – boy, he gets points for that ugly chore), I really thought it was forever lost. Until you located it on the floor of my closet (wtf?) because apparently it had become what I was afraid of it was going to be – a cat toy.

I would highly use your services again. That said, I have hot-glued pockets with velcro flaps on every article of clothing, PJ’s and underwear so it’s always within reach. I considered altering the cat in some way, too. But since he’s declawed and has no teeth, there’s not much left to do but to shave him; and he doesn’t have pockets.

Grateful to you for having your gift, and helping me pick up where I left off. Also grateful to the powers that be, for kitty not burying it in the sand, or tossing it in the drink.

Elizabeth L.

Update – Christmas Bizarre, the novel John  helped locate, will be released on August 14, 2014, to print-on-demand and eBook/Amazon Kindle. The author gives John  official thanks for their help in the recovery of her manuscript.


The whole Remote Viewing process is fascinating to me and everyone was amazed at the details you had with my CRV request !

B.K. California

"We found Maverick! after being lost for 3 weeks we've almost given up hope. Your CRV report sketches looked very similar to the small home he was sighted at and also he has a laceration and injury of his left hind leg from being hit by a car just as your report perceived. Amazing!  We can't thank you enough

Julia Morelli , Alpine California

Maverick, Alpine CA CRV rescue 1 2019 I.

Wow I found the purse under some pillows on a couch in den area, the 30 yr old man helped as I have a 4 ft statue of St. Francis of Assisi, and the pipes on my trampoline are the handles to hold on and many other clues came together.  You are remarkable.  Thanks so much for the quick responses and immediate attention.  I am so relieved.  Love and Blessings, Suzanne

Suzanne S. Baton Rouge, Louisiana


I had a Federal lawsuit that was entering Mediation with the other side rather significantly slow-walking me.   I needed to know what to expect from my lawsuit in Mediation vs taking the case to a jury and two years of subsequent appeals.   I contracted with Teresa Fristch , of Aesthtic Informational Services , as Project Manager who worked diligently with me to design a properly formulated question to ask a team of remote viewers.  Teresa then subcontracted with that team of remote viewers (with John Stewart included).  The remote viewers and I have been kept unknown to each other to this day.

The remote viewers answered the question asked while remaining completely blind to what the actual question was.   The remote viewers came up with what can only be called a “right on” set of information and answers including one of them drawing an exact picture of me.  Their answers uniformly matched with the “appeals process” range.  This knowledge gave me the confidence that I needed during a high-pressure situation.  I chose not to prolong the lawsuit by another two years, but did stand firm and gained an extra $45,000 out of the Mediation settlement which completely changed my life.  I am astonished by the value and accuracy of the information provided by the remote viewers.   Teresa bent over backwards to make sure that everything was done in a completely professional manner.   I shall be hiring more remote viewing Projects with Teresa Fristch as Project Manager in the future.

 B.C., MD, Pennsylvania, Client

When I lost my green business file folder that contained several important papers I was in a mild panic. I was pretty sure it was in my office since that’s the last place I remembered using it. I thought I put it in my satchel but since it wasn’t there, I thought perhaps it fell out somewhere. But my home and car were also possibilities. I searched all three places several times to no avail. My staff member and a friend also searched the office with me.

I decided to contact John of Intuitive Consultants for help. By following his Controlled Remote Viewing (CRV) perceptions we found the file folder! It was in a box, in a room that we use mostly use for storage. (Photo)
The CRV report even described the missing file folder as having a gold sticker on it which didn’t mean much to me at first but I had forgotten there was a small, yellow post-it note on the front of the folder.
I would definitely contact John again.

Thank you so much for your incredible help!

Deborah Beamer- Mechanicsburg, PA

Emma- Intuitive Consultants.jpg

“When I contacted John, ( the health situation with my furbaby was tough. For 3 months we had seen the many exotic vets in my city; however, they could not give us with a diagnosis and much less a good treatment. Thus, I was skeptical about how much remote viewing could help”.

“The main objective of my consultation was to get help on the path forward. John helped me more than that.”

“First of all, John told me that he saw something like a sand-box, which had a toxic material. When I was cleaning my rabbit’s bathroom, which is a squared box, I saw that the bottom of it had pine-pellets which were disintegrated and looked like sand! Then I read that pine pellets could be toxic to bunnies. I got rid of them right away.”  

“He also told me that he saw some obstruction between Emma’s stomach and intestines. He would send healing energy to dissolve the material.”  

“After seeing so many vets in my city, I was overwhelmed and was not sure if it would help to take her to a vet school 2 hours away from my city. John used another intuitive tool to see what was best for her. He said that this was going to help her.”

“I took Emma to the new vet. I must say that his recommendation not only helped me to make the right decision but was crucial in Emma’s healing.  After some tests the professor vet that saw her at the vet school, discovered that Emma had gallbladder stones and a tooth abscess.”

“John not only checked on her periodically but also sent healing energy during the tests and treatments that Emma needed to be done.” 

“However, what impresses me the most about John is his kindness and real, deep and honest interest in helping. “

Intuitive Reading Testimonials

John , I just wanted to let you know that your intuitive
reading nailed it regarding what was happening at my job.

In the fall of 2015–when things had gotten very bad, here at my job, and I was
thinking that I would have to leave—your intuitive perceptions indicated
“that my boss would be fired,” and that I would “have a new female supervisor, who I was already familiar with” and “that things would become much better”.

All that happened!
My old boss was forced to resign in July 2016, a female colleague, who
I had always liked, was appointed to replace her as acting
director and my job situation has improved greatly.

In my November 2016 reading you predicted that “I would be promoted”.
Just yesterday I was selected to be the new co-director effective March 1.
Lots to do but… I will be making an appointment this summer for a past life regression.
Thank you so much!
Mark from West Virginia


I have had two readings with John . I must say they both have been “enlightening”! He helped reassure me that I am on the right path. They show me how to change or get rid of the negatives in my life to improve myself. I never feel judged or embarrassed about my past, present or future.

When getting a reading from John , he taps in and informs me what he sees.   It is sometimes amusing when both of them get the same vision; it is kind of reassuring when this happens. I enjoy my readings with John  because he is honest and caring. John goes above and beyond what is needed for a reading. He helps you not only with information but spiritually as well.

During one reading, John felt pain from my shoulder, which I injured when I was in the Army, and John kindly asked if he could try energy healing on my shoulder. I was open-minded to this healing and was kind of skeptical about it, but honestly I felt a difference after a couple of hours! My shoulder is not causing the minor irritation and pains it usually does at night.

I have brought my brother and my cousin to see John , and both have given positive feedback. I feel like they had a great connection with them, as do I.

Karen K.

John of Intuitive Consultants, serves (merely) in an apprentice role, yet strive to guide others to uncover what lies beneath the doormats to their inner thoughts, dreams, and selves . Sometimes, other spirits intertwine their threads with ours, and John and  use their own energy to help discover these loose threads that may have frayed and worn thing through the years, and assist us in reconnecting them to our heartstrings. And, sometimes, they carefully assist in snipping unwanted knots, and sweep away the dust that has covered the beautiful and intricate pattern that leads us to our best friend . . . our spirit . . . ourselves.

I have had the pleasure of having a (psychic) experience with John. He gave an account of a man who wanted to help me (if I allowed), and how my life would be transformed. Soon after, some life altering changes did transpire. I know these events didn’t manifest because of Johns prediction (much the other way around); but because of it, he was instrumental in making me more aware and receptive, and I had the courage to face what direction my spirit needed to go.

Let Intuitive Consultants help you reconnect to your best friend . . . your own true spirit.

Be open, and let them assist you in finding the light and solace in your own masterpiece.

Donna C.

A person can possess many degrees or certifications, but allowing them to delve into the realms of your spiritual consciousness involves a deeper level of trust and openness. You are vulnerable in their hands, exposing sides that have long been forgotten or those that you wish not to reveal. When I met John , I could immediately feel an earnest desire to help heal and understand. He passes no judgments nor does he form any biases. His words are honest and gentle. These are qualities that many fail to practice, but it is second nature to them. For the past decade I suffered from insomnia, fearing that in sleep I would lose myself in one way or another. They were able to provide me with steps to reconnect to my spiritual self, which put my physical self at ease. Uncertainty is something we must all deal with, but it is special individuals like John  who can help us become aware of ourselves.

Vee I.

I feel good about my reading with John, and found the images they described interesting. In particular, the images relating to someone on the other side I’ve long suspected of helping me with an art project I’m working on gave me a new and insightful way of viewing that connection.

Dave C.

I was worried about my Father, who had died in March 2013.

I didn’t feel my Dad’s spirit around me at all. John,, gave me a clairvoyant reading and John informed me that my Father would send me a sign that he’s AOK . . . a red rose.

John said, “The rose might arrive in the form of a song on the radio, or a magazine photo, or a picture, and it would be a surprise.”

In November 2013 we, the family, had the gravestone unveiling and afterwards dined out at a local restaurant.

My niece June was drawing pictures and drew one of herself dancing with my Dad. I asked if she would make me the same exact picture.

She chose to draw me and Dad dancing together and wrote “Happy cemetery” on it.

As she handed it to me she said, “I already made this red rose before for you.”

Thank you, Dad. : )

Thank you, John

C. M.


It was the day before my first Father’s Day without my Dad when John lent his incredible intuitive talents to me. During a regular conversation on family, I mentioned I was struggling with some unresolved emotions with losing my Dad just a few short months ago and the upcoming day without him. He asked me to say my Dad’s full name out loud, which I did. John closed his eyes and exhaled deeply and just like that he was connected to my Dad. He proceeded to identify very specific images that resonated immediately with me and messages that were a continuation of a previous conversation with Dad. He also identified a very specific item on my night table in my bedroom that my Dad would use to communicate with me that he would have had no idea had existed. John is kind and compassionate and a very talented intuitive that I would highly recommend and look forward to connecting with again.

Meg Helsel, Virginia

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